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What Was the Plevin Case?

The Plevin ruling is named for Mrs Susan Plevin. She set up a loan with Paragon Personal Finance with Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). However in 2014, she discovered that a large amount of her PPI payments were being used as commission – in fact, 71% of the money she’d paid towards PPI was commission, with only 29% used to insure her loan repayments. It was a huge sum too – her PPI cost her over £5,000 but without the commission would only have cost her £1,600.

Mrs Plevin took her case to the Supreme Court, claiming she would not have bought the policy had she known this in advance. She won, and so the Plevin ruling was created where any undisclosed high commission fees could be claimed back by the customer. “High commission” was defined as anything over 50%, and considering the average commission paid on many financial products is 67%, it left open a lot of potential for customers to get their money back, with interest paid too.

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