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About us

Money Savings Advice does not offer financial advice in any form.  The information detailed on Money Savings Advice does not constitute financial advice. It is always advised to do your own research to make sure the product/solution we write about fits your circumstances.  The aim of Money Savings Advice is to match you with a financial advisor, claims management company or another financial service company that can help you with your financial needs.

Money Savings Advice aim to provide the most up to date and accurate information about all financial subjects, and as such we sometimes link to other websites, but we (Money Savings Advice) can’t be responsible for their content.

Money Savings Advice was created to help consumers throughout the UK navigate and understand the financial world in easy to understand language.  Our guides and content are designed to provide meaningful insight and actionable information about a particular subject.

Our motto is ‘We want your money to work for you’.  We all work hard for the money we earn, and enabling your money to work for you will help your hard-earned money go further.

Making your money work for you doesn’t mean cutting corners or going with the cheapest option, it means providing detailed but easy to understand guides that help you make the right decision at the right time for your circumstances.

We work with a dedicated team of financial writers who produce new, engaging articles every day.

We also update our articles regularly in line with changing legislation or changes to provides, so if you find an article that doesn’t have the information you are looking for, check back regularly as you can be sure we are probably working on it.

Our aim is to be yours and the UK’s leading resource for financial information that matters to you.

However, here at Money Savings Advice, we have also gone one step further.

We have partnered with thousands of small, medium and large independent financial advisors, claims management companies, specialist insurance organisations and other companies that can provide you with the best quote/scheme or policy to make sure your money is going further and working for you.

Whether you are looking for a Life Insurance quote and want a free gym membership or you are looking for a remortgage and are looking for a ‘whole market quote’ our partnered organisations can help and have already helped thousands of people.

The process is simple.

At the end of every piece of detailed content, you will see a blue button.  When you press this button, you can answer some simple questions, and we will send your details to the ‘matched’ partnered organisation that can help you.

Don’t worry; we only send your details to one organisation which our system has matched you with.

The matching takes into consideration the article you are reading and the questions you have answered to make sure you are going to receive a call from the right partnered organisation.

Once you have answered the questions, Money Savings Advice will email you to let you know which company is going to drop you a line to discuss your needs.  It’s a straightforward process.

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